Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, the founders of Green Homes Realtors and Property Management have long envisioned an inspiring boutique brokerage based on excellent customer service. We are focused on integrity and lead by our precision and expertise. 

Our aim is to be the number one resource that will afford our clients efficiency, conservation, and sustainability, thus enhancing their health and well being with tangible cost savings. 

We strive to ensure our clients an unequaled experience when selling, renting, managing, buying or building a new home while remaining strongly conscious of preserving a GREEN and Healthy environment. We achieve this by providing highly personalized service and advice throughout the pre and post sale process, but more so in encouraging homeowners in all ownership stages to create a home that has ecological, economic, and social value within the context of the greater human and natural community. 

Our unique approach and cutting edge marketing will make your property stand out as a seller and afford the investor or owner occupant buyer the highest chances to secure their dream home. 

Green Homes Realtors & Property Management employs a 3 Tier Marketing system-Traditional, Internet and GREEN. Our advantage-focused marketing exposes your home’s Eco-Assets either currently in use or in future potential use to the greatest number of buyers in today’s market. 

Our associates are highly trained to our company culture which adheres to the triple bottom line — People, Planet, Profit. This encourages a well balanced Work-Life experience which will afford you, our client, an exceptional experience with an associate who is socially, environmentally, and financially sound. 

A Happy and Stress Free realtor is your best advocate. 

We are real estate professionals who strongly feel that Green is about the decisions we make that have an impact upon our health, our pocketbook, and obviously the surrounding environment. 

Our aim is to be the number one resource that will afford our clients efficiency, conservation, and sustainability, thus enhancing their health and well being with tangible cost savings. 

Resource efficiency, conservation, and sustainability are practices that reduce the amount of materials and energy required, eliminating the need to use new materials, and promote the use of materials that are easily replenished. Efficient homes require less electricity. 

Building conservation employs advanced techniques that greatly reduce the amount of materials needed to build a home while achieving the same, if not greater, efficiency and aesthetics throughout the home. Sustainability utilizes materials, like bamboo for example(transported no further than 500 miles away) that do not have a negative impact upon the environment and your health. 

We also believe that Green refers to how a home effects the health and well-being of a home owner. Hazards such as radon, mold, lead, asbestos, and indoor air quality can a have a significant impact upon a person’s health. Radon is known to cause cancer. Mold can create significant respiratory issues. Lead is known to cause learning disabilities in children. Asbestos is another known carcinogenic. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a sick home syndrome. 

Green does also provide a tangible cost savings to the home owner. Energy efficient HVAC systems reduce the monthly utility costs while improving the comfort of the home owner. Advanced building techniques that require less material save on the production costs of the materials used in the home.For home owners, GREEN will translates to increased appreciation of their home and when they decide to sell, it results in a faster sale.
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